Personal and Professional Tutelage

Throughout my time in the crafting industry I have learnt many techniques and used many products.  I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge and love for this industry.

I am now offering personal tutelage for crafters of all skill levels.
I am also offering my knowledge and skill to retail stores and manufacturers and even for retreats; to teach their attendees, customers, and promote their products.

Personal Tutelage:
You choose what products and techniques you would like to learn and I will teach you in my studio, or the comfort of your own home.  This one on one tutelage means your time is spent learning exactly what you want to learn and at your own pace.  My teaching style is informative and relaxed, I will show you how, then break it down - step by step; then we do it together step by step; until you can accomplish the task/technique independently.

Professional Tutelage:
I am also available to teach in store, at craft shows and fairs, and for manufacturer's that do not conflict with my current obligations and affiliations.  I endorse products I believe in and am proud to promote great products and techniques.  I like to see crafters inspired by what I do and take great pride, care, and responsibility to ensure all my students are happy.

Classes are structured on the content and duration of tutelage, and fees are quoted upon request.
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