Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Merry Christmas Badge

And it flashes!!!

A flashing badge from supermarket
AED PP Totally Christmas - traditional. Holly
Green Tara bow - leg green
Kaiser jewels - red small

Mwah! XXX

I made a snow globe!!!!

I love this - I can't remember where I bought it from but am now kicking myself because I should have bought more!!!!

How horrible is it now I dropped it!!! Lol

Snow globe
AED Totally Christmas PP
Green Tara bows
Kaiser red jewels
Black stazon ink

Mwah! XXX

AED & Twiddley - perfect for Christmas

A re-hash of one of my blog hop cards done with the new Christmas range from AED, in the lively blue and silver. I love traditional red and green but it's refreshing to be working with different colours for Christmas! I hope you like it.

Silver shimmer card
White shimmer card
Alison Ellis Design PP -
Twiddleybitz mini curly tree
Twiddleybitz colour spray - agean blue
Green Tara bows - silver and white

Mwah! XXX

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

creations for Paperific

A sneak peak at a Totally Summer Christmas from Alison Ellis Design (AED)
I hope you like it. If you're going to paperific checkout the new papers at the AED stall, if not, ask your LSS to stock it!!!

A sm notepad
AED PP; Totally Christmas - summer holly, blocks
Green Tara bows - silver
Black stazon ink
Kaiser Merry Chistmas stamp
Metallic card - silver

Thanks for looking!

Mwah! XXX

Monday, August 16, 2010

More creating!!

Would love to share with you but alas I am not yet allowed! I've been so quiet because I've been creating with the brand new Alison Ellis Design papers - released soon at Paperific!! I can't wait to show you, they are absolutely divine!!!

Talk to you soon :-)

Mwah! XXX

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Stampscapes Atc's

me again
same stamps again - but different results!!

These two above were my new blues kaleidacolor inkpad direct to the gloss card - so I should have used my brayer but I was too impatient!!  I like the blues - light to dark on the bottom.  I did finish it with a spray of Berryliscious Colour sprays from Twiddleybitz.

The one above I experimented using only one ink (olive chalk), and gold colour spray from Twiddleybitz- and no house stamp this time and adding lots of reeds - i like it.

This one I wanted turbulent water, lots of reeds - and I use the olive ink but sprayed with bronz colour spray from twiddleybitz - i left it a bit long before blending the spray with my tissue so it's quite "beaded".

This time I wanted a turbulent sky and reeds with a pine tree in the foreground - sprayed with gold colour spray from Twiddleybitz to finish off.

And yep - It looks like i need to re-ink my stazon but it is 7 yrs old and been re-inked sooo many times, all the edging I do directly with my inkpad means it's about ready to retire - I really need another.

Thank you for stopping by  :-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I found this while surfing a little today - I'd forgotten I'd done this!
Opal Lava Technique

The link was on the Pipedreamink Blog.
(I used to be on the design team before my life fell apart!)

Love my opals and this has inspired me to use them even more! so watch out for some tutorials and links...

Oh - and if anyone knows how to get a slideshow of their art working on blogspot - can you help me please?????

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And the winners are......

Welcome to my Twiddley blog hop...(Early Bird Prize)
Renae W


Hippity Hoppity Hop!

Congratulations to the winners!  Thank you ever so much for participating in the blog hop and following my blog!!  Please email me your postal addresses - and I will send your prizes to you shortly!

Stampscapes ATC's

Well it is with great pleasure I introduce my latest work, drumroll please..... LOL only joking!

The lovely Lisa Kamphius inspired me to get my A into G and do some ATC's again!  I bought a stampscapes set at last year's October (?) Paperific and had not yet mounted them (I know - I'm a slacker!) so last night I located my magic mount and mounted them while watching tele.  I then of course had to get 'em dirty and try them out!  These are my efforts.  I hope you like them - go easy please, this is my first time with stampscapes!

The image above has olive chalk inkpad background on gloss card, - images stamped in black stazon ink, and a light spray of gold Twiddleybitz coloursprays over the top, i was please with the result so took a photo.

  The image now above is the same as the other only I (in true Jen style) could not leave it alone - I kinda accidently sprayed it with a touch of walnut - and liked the result so decided to spray again - only i picked up "poppy" (red) by mistake!   But - swirling it around with a paper towel gave me this effect - I rather like it!

The image directly above is my first two attempts with the stampscapes the one on the left was my first - and I looove how it turned out, a medley of 3 different chalk inkpads and a light spray of gold colour spray on top... the right image I sprayed wayyyyy too much fern colourspray on so it looks a little eerie/weird!

Anyhoo - I hope you like them!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Christmas Inchie

Merry Christmas!!

I got all inspired on the weekend with the Twiddleybitz blog hop and a vist to my new bestie's house (lol hi Lisa!) so - here's an inchie!

Twiddleybitz inchie
Twiddleybitz tiny Christmas tree
Twiddleybitz crafty notions colour spray - poppy
Twiddleybitz crafty notions colour spray - fern
Kaiser basics gold bling
Alison Ellis Design PP - so this is Christmas green swirl
Black stazon ink
Penny black "Merry Christmas" stamp
Helmar spray adhesive
Alison Ellis Design glitter - white sparkle

You can't see the stamp in the stazon on the tree too well in the photo but you can IRL. I hope you like it - thanks for looking!!!

Mwah! XXX

P.S. I'll post the winner of my blog hop prizes later tonight!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Hop!

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog hop post!! I have never been involved in a blog hop before and am super-pumped to be part of this one for Twiddleybitz!! Let's hope I do this right :-)

Wonderful and
Big bits too!
It's so hard to rest
Till the twiddles are scrapped!
Zzzzzz the sun's coming up and I've twiddled all night!
(sorry - it just came to me!)

Thank you for visiting me on your way around the blog hop. Firstly I want to share with you how my garden has grown:

This has been made from a Twiddleybitz ornate shelf - you can see the details of what I used to do it HERE.

I am not only a scrapper and stamper but an ATC, Inchie, OTP project and Card-maker too! So - seeing as I'm trying to get a wriggle on and create cards for Christmas this year, I have used a fantabulous new Christmas product from Twiddleybitz in addition to the versatile swirl and the word 'Celebrate' on the cards below - I do hope you like them and would enjoy receiving one because, the best is yet to come....

Rosies Studio Pearlised Card - black & gold
Matching envelope
AED PP - So this is Christmas, traditional Christmas stripes
AED Embossing Powder - Irish Sparkle
Twiddleybitz Swirl 'tree'
Green Tara bows - red & gold
AED Sparkle n sprinkle stamp - merry Christmas from our family to yours
Black stazon ink

Rosies Studio Pearlised Card - black & gold
Matching envelope
AED PP - So this is Christmas, swirls, green
Twiddleybitz 'Celebration'
CN colourspray - Poppy
Green Tara bow - green
Kaiser gem - green
Black stazon ink

Rosies Studio Pearlised Card - black
Matching envelope
AED PP - So this is Christmas, swirls, green and red
Twiddleybitz journal plat - Xmas Tree (add your own greeting :-)
Adirondack dauber - gold
Green Tara bow - white with gold
Kaiser gems - green

This is the 'best is yet to come' bit -
Anyone who clicks "follow" to the right of this post and leaves me a comment will go into the draw to win not only the creations above, but the goodies in the pictures below - enough supplies to make each of my cards again!!

- we should then have you well on the way to creating your Christmas Cards this year!

You have until 9pm Monday night AEST to go into the draw. The winner's name will be drawn from a hat by my 'adorable' children :-P

In addition to these goodies - if you 'follow' my blog and leave a comment for my 'Flowers' entry - I have another prize pack to give away... here's a sneak peak at that one too!

This one is a nice start to your own Twiddley and Green Tara love - collection and display, just like in my 'Flowers' post!

Feel free to look at my blog and learn about me and my art. Don't forget to continue on your blog hopping journey with Twiddleybitz and go to the amazingly talented Jo Kinder's Blog at 12pm. Jo is a fantastic artist and you are sure to be wowed by her creations (I always am!).

Lastly - thank you for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed my little part of this hop and will continue to stop by and enjoy my blogging in the future.

Welcome to my Twiddley blog hop....

Please scroll down for my "official" blog hop entry :-)  My iphone didn't like uploading and took 6 minutes and then cos I accidently published my draft last night it had the time stamp of before my early bird post - LOL I knew I'd stuff things up!! hehee

Just to confuse you - the real post is now above this one as it should be, thanks Ruth for telling me how to fix it - you're a legend!!

GOTCHA!!! Hahaha

If you are reading this it's because like me, you are super keen for the next leg in the blog hopping for Twiddleybitz this weekend.

Well I say, the earlybird catches the worm and your eagerness needs to be rewarded!! If you 'follow' my blog (see button on the right) and leave me a comment for this post, you'll go in the draw to win this lovely little prize pack - some Twiddley, AED, and Green Tara love!!

My 'Real' contributing post for the Twiddley Blog Hop is coming to a screen near you, at 10 am AEST. :-) thanks for stopping by and being super keen ;-))

Mwah! XXX

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Another idea for flower storage!

I cut a foam box lid to 10" square and covered in paper. The best way to cover the square is to use a spray adhesive as wet glues give that horrible lumpy appearance when it's dry. - finish off the edges with double sided tape and cover with ribbon if necessary.

I then arranged these Green Tara flowers on the square and stuck in some pins with the coloured balls on the end. I'll put this either on an easel on my desk or on the wall above. Easy access, visually nice and I know exactly what I've got and where they are!!

Some other ideas:
You could group your flowers in colour schemes and/or list the manufacturer and colour - if you need that info for submitting to mags. You could also use Karen Foster pins or similar, specifically for scrapping etc or put beads on yours or even dip the balled pins that I have used, in different coloured opals embossing enamels from Pipe Dreamink - any embossing powders should make a nice personal touch though!

if you 'follow' my blog and leave a comment for my 'flowers' entry - I have a prize pack to give away... here's a sneak peak.

This will start your own flower and TBZ collection and display:-) The winner will be drawn from a hat by my gorgeous kids.

Thanks for looking!
Mwah! XXX

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The New Alison Ellis Design release coming soon

I am super lucky to say that today I saw a preview of the new papers. Let me just say right off the bat - OMG!!

Now I know I say that every time there's a new range, but seriously OMG!! ;-)

These new designs are once again Very clever and super versatile, each one of the 6 tying in with the general theme but not exclusively to it IYKWIM. 3 colour schemes overlayed with silver or gold.

I am super keen to receive my pack so I can start playing and hopefully create some samples of the multitude of projects that can be created from these great Australian designed and manufactured products.

Thankyou goes out to Alison and Maynard of Alison Ellis Design for yet another brilliant range.

If you are a crafted, request them online or at your local scrap/stamp store. If you're a retailer or work in a scrap/stamp store, go to and sign up for the wholesale section. The new range will be available from the weekend of the Paperific craft show - 27th of August. Alison always has fantastic debut specials and package deals for each range (existing and new).

If you're visiting Paperific in Melbourne at the show grounds this year, please be sure to pop by the booth - check out the new range and have a play with it at our make n take table.

We will have AED glitter, sparkle and sprinkle stamps, flocking, hot set powder and the fabulous dual setting pink heat guns (in my honest opinion - no woman should be without one!) on show.

I will also be making quite a few ATC's this year to swap - give me a yell at the booth if you'd like to swap - or if you'd just like one to take home!!

Mwah! XXX

Today I Received...

Twiddley love and Green Tara love - OMG I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!!!!

In my flabbergasted state I came up with (what I think is) a super storage idea for non wired flowers like flat blossoms and apple blossoms etc. Stay tuned, I'll be posting about it shortly!

Also, there's a Twiddleybitz blog hop on this weekend. Comps and prizes are up for grabs - including some love on this particular blog too, Stay tuned!!

Mwah! XXX