Thursday, August 5, 2010


Another idea for flower storage!

I cut a foam box lid to 10" square and covered in paper. The best way to cover the square is to use a spray adhesive as wet glues give that horrible lumpy appearance when it's dry. - finish off the edges with double sided tape and cover with ribbon if necessary.

I then arranged these Green Tara flowers on the square and stuck in some pins with the coloured balls on the end. I'll put this either on an easel on my desk or on the wall above. Easy access, visually nice and I know exactly what I've got and where they are!!

Some other ideas:
You could group your flowers in colour schemes and/or list the manufacturer and colour - if you need that info for submitting to mags. You could also use Karen Foster pins or similar, specifically for scrapping etc or put beads on yours or even dip the balled pins that I have used, in different coloured opals embossing enamels from Pipe Dreamink - any embossing powders should make a nice personal touch though!

if you 'follow' my blog and leave a comment for my 'flowers' entry - I have a prize pack to give away... here's a sneak peak.

This will start your own flower and TBZ collection and display:-) The winner will be drawn from a hat by my gorgeous kids.

Thanks for looking!
Mwah! XXX


  1. What a brilliant idea Jenni!!!
    love it!!!

  2. This is just gorgeous!!! Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  3. "Blooming" marvelous Jen! What a brilliant idea for flowers, thanks for sharing it! x x

  4. What a great idea, love it!!! Not only is it useful it look beautiful.

  5. Wow your flower shelf is Amazing Love it to Bitz...Thanks so much for sharing Love your work!!!

  6. Another awesome flower storage idea Jen. YOu are one clever chickie! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a super-duper flower storage idea... I like it!!

  8. I love this idea- it's so sad for my flowers to be hiding in a drawer- all sad and lonely (well not lonely cos there are a ton of them!)I would love to have them out on display- thanks for sharing your creative idea.
    Sarah in WA

  9. That is a great storage idea Jen - practical and decorative.


    congratulations Chloe - Thank you ever so much for participating in the blog hop and following my blog!!

    Please email me your postal addresses - and I will send your prizes to you shortly!

  11. awesome flower storage I just have to get some flowers to do it!! LOL


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