Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Baby Girl...

Since I have recently laid new carpet in the studio (bargain of the century - but that's another blogpost!!) I just had to Christen it - you know how hard it is to resist things like that!!

A friend is expecting her first grandchild any day now - she's actually overdue - and Lily is taking her sweet time!! So I made this little frame with her in mind....

Twiddleybitz winged heart frame
Pink crackle paint - Tim Holtz Distress
Milled Lavender Distress ink
Twiddleybitz Butterfly
Opals Embossing Enamels by Pipe Dreamink
Old lace
Alison Ellis Design Glitter - Pink Sherbert
Heart buckle from My 2 Angels
Flowers from Green Tara
Bead chain from Green Tara
Rose Buds from Lynda's Craft Haven
Beaded ribbon (pink) from Lynda's Craft Haven
Kindy Glitz
Bazzil Cardstock
Random rub on quote
My favourite tool - my Hot Glue Gun!!!

I hope you like it - thanks for stopping by....

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