Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Proud Mum Post :-)

I love that Erin (and the boys) like to get in the studio and create along with me.  It is often hard to keep Erin out of there!!  On the weekend Erin was lamenting she had not made Riley a Birthday Card yet so I encouraged her to create one for him.

I think she has been taking more notice of what I say and do than I thought because not only did she make a beautiful card for him - she made a matching envelope!

I love the back to front r - it's something she can't help, but it just makes it that much more hand-made and loveable :-)  The alternating colours are great  on the Twiddleybitz banner, the Twiddleybitz cars look awesome with the Flourish With A Bling pearls in the middle of the wheels, and the piece of ribbon she 'borrowed' from my (not so) hidden stash!

I am so proud of her - and Riley loved it to bits!!!!

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Jen & Erin

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