Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Don't forget your envelopes!

It's lovely to see all the beautiful handmade cards around at Christmas but I do worry. A flat colored envelope at best is what I see holding people's Christmas cards (and cards for other occasions!). I'm sorry but I do not want white, gold, silver, red, or even green envelopes holding my cards!!! I want to see decorated envelopes too!!!!

It is a little limited if you are sending things through the post but not impossible :-). And if you are hand gifting your card - the possibilities for decorating your envelope are endless!!!

Why bother? I hear you ask, well - do you like that special gift just handed to you or do you like to rip off the wrapping paper and joke about keeping it for next year? It's just one of those things that make your card, and your effort just that little bit 'more' and especially if you are enclosing money or vouchers or a store-card.

Here are some envelopes I have decorated - fairly plain for sending through the post, a bit of masking and misting using Twiddleybitz coloursprays and ink, even running the envelope through my big shot!!

TFL - Mwah! XXX

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  1. Gorgeous layout Jenni! love the sleigh and that card hanger is just soo cute!
    Great work, love your blog!


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