Sunday, December 12, 2010

Twiddleybitz Christmas Blog Hop!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my leg of the Twiddleybitz Blog Hop!  The last Twiddleybitz blog hop was my first and I made some Christmas Cards - I do hope everyone found this inspirational and was able to make at least one!!!

I hope you've been enjoying our Christmas Blog Hop it so far - so many beautiful and inspirational creations and fantastic prizes!

I would just like to say a quick but very genuine THANK YOU to Nic, Andrew, Tiff and the other Design Team members for having me on the team.  I am in constant wonder as to why I was picked!  While unfortunately my personal life is a little "restraining" (shall we say) at the moment, my mind is never far from my Twiddleybitz!!  I have so many projects planned out in my little book but limited time and space atm to do them!  I can't wait to share them all with you but (for now at least) we'll start with my latest and then go one at a time!!!  (I'd love it if you stuck around after the hop :-P)

I have been looking at all the 'card hangers' that have been available in the shops - from the ones that look like a very stretched santa to the silver string will small silver pegs... I've tried a few of these out in previous years and this year decided to improve on them!  I have created my Christmas Card hanger!

I have used an array of Twiddleybitz chipboard pieces and the gorgeous Coloursprays in additional to blossoms and other bits and pieces... I hope you like!  The gold cards and envelopes in the picture are from a class I taught recently at StampAntics in Brisbane - It was my first time back in the 'teaching saddle' and I loved it - I never really knew just how much I missed it!

I also taught a layout class that same day and love the layout sooo much - I really want to share it with you - I hope you like it!  It's one of my all-time favourite pictures of Riley, he is really photogenic so I do have a lot of favourites waiting to be scrapped!  I used a number of Twiddleybitz Chippy pieces and love the sparklies!!

Anyhoo - I really should get on with it! LOL  Please have a looksee at my card hanger, It took a while to create but that was more from arranging and re-arranging the order of the pegs and the embellishments, and mis-cutting the bead string than through any difficulty!!

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of my card hanger, and if you sign up to follow my blog as well (or are already following me) I'll put your name in the draw for a very secret and wonderful surprise gift from Santa.

Pegged out at work on our special sound absorbing walls!

The gorgeous candy was put through the big shot, sprayed with Fern Coloursprays and rubbed with Silver to highlight the raised surface.

Poppy spray with a little Lippyliscious and silver rub for the candy, fern for the star with some gold wire and red ribbon, flower sprayed with the coloursprays also.

Lippyliscious sprayed on Poppy for the pegs, fern for the Tweeny trees, walnut and gold for the gingerbread man with large green brads and googley eyes!  Gold paint on the bauble.

Gold paint on the Merry Christmas with 3 red buttons, Fern on the candy and fancy bauble, poppy on the star with music script stamp in black stayzon with gold paint on edges. 

 Fern on the fancy bauble, poppy on the star with music script stamp in black stayzon with gold paint on edges. 

I cut every 15th ball from the gold ball garland (Coles) with tin snips, being very careful not to cut the string, then decided the pegs would be too far apart so cut every 8th ball off as well!  I painted all the wooden pegs, Erin helped me with this - finally ending up the 'golden child' as I knew she always was - literally!!! (spraying would have used too much and taken too long), then I decorated all my chippy and created my flowers.  Before attaching the embellishments to the pegs I made sure I was happy with their order and matching pegs, then glued them on with Pritt gel glue.

Thank you for looking - I hope you've enjoyed my latest creation.  Don't forget to comment and follow my blog to get a secret surprise from Santa  *<:-)

Checkout the Ning throughout the Twiddleybitz Blog Hop for competitions and Prizes, inspiration, and a whole heap of chat!

Your Next Blog Hop Host is Karola Witczac at 6pm AEST.  I can't wait to see her lovely creations!

I'd like to leave you with a little verse that is inside all our Family Christmas Cards this year:

Our Wish for You in 2011

May peace break into your home
and thieves come to steal your debts. 


May the pockets of your jeans become
a magnet for $100 bills. 


May love stick to your face like Vaseline
and laughter assault your lips!


May happiness slap you across the face and your tears be that of joy


May the problems you had, forget your home address! 


In simple words ............

May 2011 be the best year of your life!!!

Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!!


  1. I love that Christmas card hanger idea - I'm so making one of those for next year! Your layout is gorgeous too. And as for the verse in your Christmas card, that is awesome!

    Hope you & your family have a wonderful Christmas & a very Happy 2011! xx

  2. Beautiful work Jenni!
    love teh sleigha nd the cute card hanger! soo cute!
    sorry posted on wrong one!
    Havve a happy xmas and 20111 xx

  3. LOOOOOVE the card hanger idea. I've run out of time this Christmas, but it's on my list for next year. TFS Jen - you rock!

  4. Hi Jenni
    Love the Christmas card hanger - it's a great idea and yours looks just wonderful.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. Stunning card hanger what a fantastic idea !!!!

  6. This has to be the best card hanger I've ever seen. Well done. Merry Christmas and all the best 2011.

  7. Jenni your card hanger look fantastic, love it. A beautiful chrissy decoration with all the twiddleybitz.
    beautiful layout too.
    Thanks for sharing with us and for your inspiration.
    Merry Christmas.

  8. What gorgeous projects Jen :)
    Your card hanger is awesome!!!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2011
    Tracy xx

  9. Just great! And this card hanger is so cute!

  10. What a CUTE card hanger!!! Love it :-)

  11. Gorgeous card hanger Jen, you are so clever and imaginative!
    Have a great Xmas!

  12. LOVE the card hanger!
    just gorgeous!!
    would be a shame to hang cards on it! It would hide all those yummy details!! ;-)
    clever chook

  13. I love your banner/card hanger! That is awesome!

  14. THE BEST CARD HANGER EVER!!!!!! Truly outstanding chick... thanks for the inspiration! ;)

  15. Thank you so much everyone, I'm so glad you like my layout and my card hanger! Merry Christmas!! Jen xx *<:-)

  16. Sorry for the late 'love' Jen :( but hooley dooley is that card hanger awesome or what!!??!! great idea


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