Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Some more 'oldies' using opals...  Hope you like 'em!

Microscope Slide

 Lava earrings - Hot opals poured into cold water

altered bead earrings - beads dipped into hot opals

Mixture of opals in a Krafty Lady mould.

Opals in a Krafty Lady mould - and beads dipped in hot opals too

small flowers and clear glitter suspended in clear Opals in a Krafty Lady mould

opals poured onto greaseproof paper - cut with cookie cutters, wrapped in wire

many different opal and fantasy film in Kraftly lady moulds, matching beads, hair using hot opals poured into cold water (my "Lava" technique)

Many opals in many Krafty Lady moulds - soldered together to make this butterfly

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