Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stix2 Anything!!

I am so excited to let you know, I'm now the Card Designer for Stix2 Anything products, I've been using them since their first show in Melbourne at Paperific!  I look forward to sharing a number of techniques and styles with you made all the more fun and easy using Stix2!

While my style is varied I have learnt so very much over the years and rarely use all the things I know in my work.  The thought of exploring adhesives as a design tool is quite exciting! It makes a big change from just 'using' glue and tape!

Please visit Stix2 Anything HERE on the web (you can order from them as they do sell to the consumer directly!), or HERE on Facebook.  Not only do they have an awesome range of adhesives but a number of tools too - I am LOVING my pickup pencil and am looking at getting a layer perfect... While I make my cards and line up my photo matts etc by eye - I think it would be an awesome tool (for the OCD in me!) for helping with classes and blog write-ups!!

I have used a few of the Stix2 Anything products but so far my favourite would have to be the double sided tape, it is very sticky and quite permanent, sometimes it can be a little tricky to remove the backing but I see that as a small price to pay for knowing the elements of my projects will not come off.  My work goes on tour with Twiddleybitz and is handled a lot at the shows - or in class and it's imperative that it stays together!

You can see some of the projects I have created using Stix2 Anything products HERE, but stay tuned for more to come!  I will be resurrecting some old techniques you may not have seen for quite a while!!

The Stix2 blog is also a great place to visit, my tutorials and work will be HERE shortly :-) 

My first creations published next month will be all about..... Christmas!! LOL how ever did you guess!! hehehe or should that be ho ho ho?

I'm looking forward to it - I hope you are too!

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  1. Congrats MOFO!!!! When r u going to sleep? LOL


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