Monday, January 2, 2012

My Studio

I have finally got some photos of my new studio to show you.  I am so excited - I have actually been scrapbooking again.  It's very inspirational to have a dedicated space and it's so easy to keep clean and tidy!  I'm also less cranky and Erin often comes to create with me on the weekend!!

I have converted two thirds of my garage into a studio.  The carpet was $55 per metre but I managed to get it for $10mtr and it was 'about 3 mtrs worth' according tot he salesman at Bunnings - BUT it was just over 5 mtrs long - and 6 mtrs wide!!  Bargain of the century :-)

I have room dividers borrowed from work as we don't use them anymore and I bought 4 bookcases from Deals Direct for $39 each.  Behind the dividers I have all our camping gear and the kids bikes and scooters etc, I can have the roller door open and no dust because the bikes etc and dividers stop it!

The white baskets are from a corner shop - they had no price on so he sold them to me for $1 each (they're $2.95-$3.75 depending which Coles you buy them from!) The jars for all my ribbons - sorted by colour, are old coffee jars from Mum's work - it must be quite stressful there!

My un-wood-mounted stamps go in the CD cases in the racks - another bargain I paid $5 each for the racks and $5 for packs of 10 cases :-) and my metal paper racks were on the discounted pile at Stampantics before it closed.

The torso is a project I have to do, and the big-arse drawers that hide my messyness was a bargain for $40 from the lovely Lisa Kamphius!

I have 1 dining table as my work table - Erin has one end, I have the other.  Then I have another dining table (extendable) for my sewing machine, overlocker, electronic cutter, printer, iron, and selphy printer.
I have the computer desk for my Mac, and 'office' stuff, and my stereo although I play most music through itunes on the Mac now.

I have decided that each week i will post a tip and photos on organising your scrap space... then I'd love to see some of your efforts too -  would you be interested???  Let me know in the comments for this post.

Thanks for droppin by!


  1. Your space looks great. This is on my new years resolutions this year... to get organised and declutter, with my scrap room mostly in mind!

  2. Yay, you so deserve your own space, and how fab it is too!

  3. Thanks ladies - I just can't get over how inspired I feel every day - and because my 'laundry' is in a cupboard in the corner - I have to go in my studio every day :-)

    Peg - your space is AWESOME but when you come up you'll have to scrap in mine one day and then when I eventually get down to you I can scrap in yours!! :-)

    HarmonySweetPea - go for it, don't procrastinate just do it - you'll be amazed at how good it feels!


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