Sunday, February 12, 2012

Storage/Organisation Hints & Tips...

Ok so we as crafters are always on the lookout for 'better' storage solutions.  I have all sorts of things suggested to me including a visit to Ikea.  I am an absolute nutter for Stationery, Bunnings, and containers so I know it would be absolutely FATAL for me to go to Ikea(I have never been!).
As you know I recently 'finished' (I use inverted comma's because are our rooms ever really finished?) setting up the studio and have been struggling with storage for my 25 shot glasses of colour coded brads and buttons etc, and thanks to Tracy at My2Angels - my ever increasing number of charms, chains, flowers, tiles......

The answer come to me compliments of Kmart - $15 bought me a rotating spice rack with 16 bottles.  So damn awesome!  I have 1 for my charms - brass on the top row, and silver on the bottom, sorted by theme and when I can find my Dymo they'll be labelled!  The second  rack is full of my brads, buttons, and bits - sorted into colours (Riley had fun helping me sort out a few that were accidently mixed up!

If this is the answer to your 'small things and bits and bobs' storage - race into Kmart as they're only on special till Wednesday or Thursday (15th or 16th of Feb 2012).


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