Friday, August 24, 2012

Cog-flower Buttonierre

Some time ago i set myself the challenge of making flowers with chipboard cogs... a few failures but then success!!!  I love making these - they're a little fiddley but i think they look great :-)
and a little closer...

These are made from the Tab Cogs available through Twiddleybitz - TABCOG001.
  • I cut out the centres and discarded them.
  • I sprayed the ring with colourspray and while still wet, rolled them like rolled flowers.
  • I then put a blob of hot glue (about the size of a 10c piece) on my craft matt.
  • I pressed my rolled rose into it and let it cool.
  • I then carefully peeled it from the craft sheet and trimmed any excess glue.
  • I then inked, or sprayed until I got the desired colour and let dry completely.
Then came the adding of the floristry wire and tape to make this spray.... Be warned - the tape is tacky on both sides and you end up quite "stuck up"!!

Twiddleybitz - Tab Cogs (TABCOG001)
Colourspray/Glimmer Mist
Matisse Derivan - Kindy Glitz (Red)
Floristry Wire and tape
My2Angels - Rose leaves, two-tone.

** If you'd like to see these "In the flesh" visit Twiddleybitz at Paperific at the Melbourne Showgrounds next weekend (Aug 31 - 02 Sept) as Nic and Andrew will be wearing them!

Looks and sounds quick and simple but they were actually quite fiddley!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are even better IRL, these photos don't show how great they are! (And the pain to make them .... blood everywhere giving Ann and I heart attacks! ROFL)

  2. hahhaaa it's amazing how like blood that ink looked!! thanks Tracy!


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