Sunday, August 26, 2012

I scrapped a Birthday Cake!

Erin's birthday cake was a mission but we knew what she wanted from the very beginning!  I love making the kids cakes (hell any sort of baking as my figure will attest to!) but I'm not all that good.  I was determined and almost lost it when I couldn't get the icing right - but the roses were the perfect thing to cover up the folds! pmsl

I used one of the gorgeous Manorhouse Creations Wintersong Flowers (log Cabin) for the top, and added 1.5cm roses from My2Angels.

The cake is 4 layers of vanilla cake in varying blues. In between each layer is fresh whipped cream and chopped up mars bars :-)

Tasted delicious!  Erin absolutely loved it!  Worth all the effort I think. :-)

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  1. Great job Jen! Just LOVE all the blue layers & am sure it tasted amazing! :)) Cheers, Corina :)


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