Sunday, August 26, 2012

Erin's Amazing Birthday Race...

I had such fun creating a game that was different for Erin's Birthday.  The theme for the party was blue.
The invite:

And the game:  I had all the clues and they had to complete the challenge - have a photo taken to confirm it, then come and get their next clue from me!

The first clue was hidden inside the polka-dot balloons, they had to pop it to get it out
Ian buried the two treasure boxes and made some fake holes to confuse them (heheee) - it worked!!!
This is one of the favourite challenges - they had to make a marshmallow pop - and NOT eat it yet (a couple of them bit them and then realised!
Teams of 5 meant at least 1 person had to paint their toes...
they loved this
Funny they didn't read the clue properly for this one - I had to send them back for blue pegs only!!
It's amazing how quickly kids can sign their name in chalk!
The grass had recently been mown so too easy to find.... perhaps mix colours next time or put names on them and they find their own?
Dad was the photographer and got yelled at each time they finished a challenge as they couldn't get their next slue until he had a photo of them, it was hilarious - he had no idea where to be - just came when they yelled finished!!
 And the pinata was actually a 'stuffaloon' but it burst in the car on the way to the park so Matthew and Mum rushed down to the 2 shop and bought this blue cupcake and Matt stuffed everything in there instead!  the kids loved it, the winning team got to bash it first and they actually got it open really quickly!  Riley bashed it so hard it burst and broke off the hanger and the kids swamped him - he ended up with a grazed knee but was happy as he got the most from it! :-)

Feel free to create your own Amazing Birthday race and adapt to your kids' likes and age... let me know if you do or you want help.  The rhyming of the clues is easier than you think!

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  1. seriously... best mum award goes to YOU! What a fabulous fun party Erin must have had!!!! Well done Jen. x

  2. Ultra impressive Miss Jen!! :)) You have certainly done an AMAZING job on this Amazing Race!! :))

  3. Thanks guys - i certainly think it'll be remembered for quite some time!


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