Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tip 1: Washi Tape Positioning and your Projects...

I love creating, and like so many people I agonise over the arrangement of my papers, card stock, photos, and embellishments on my layouts, cards, and other projects.  I have a few little tips and tricks up my sleeve for using different elements and techniques in my crafting and thought I might start sharing a few with you!!

Tip 1:  Using Washi Tape
This tip works especially well for lettered or patterned washi tape, although you could use it for any type.
A fantastic way to determine the arrangement of words from the Sawyer's Place Cromwell Tape is to stick it to clear plastic;  you can then move it around on your project.  You can also re-position the words on the plastic in different patterns, and then try it around your project again.  When you are happy you can stick the words onto your project once - avoiding any problems trying to peel it back off again to re-position!
(although Sawyer’s place Washi Tapes are “low-tac” so rarely rip your paper or cardstock anyway!)

I used this tip on the following layout - as you can see from the photos:

Finally satisfied with the placement of my tape I finished my layout - with no tears!!

I hope this tip is useful for you - stay tuned for tonight's technique tutorial on wash tape - something so simple but you may have never thought to do!

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  1. Jenni thanks for sharing and I look forward to the washi tape tut.


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