Friday, April 26, 2013

Tip 2: Storing your Washi off-cuts

As you explore the many ways of using your washi tapes - you may just discard your off cuts; the half-widths, the excess from a cut pattern, the words from the cromwell tape you didn't need... but I prefer to keep them just in case I can use them up.  The problem with that, is the many lengths of tape hanging from the edge of my crafting table, sticking to my clothes whenever I lean too close!!  

My solution is simple - Here's my "Before" photo:

Tip 2: Storing your Washi off-cuts
Save your off cuts to be used again by sticking them to clear acetate sheets.  I've punched some binder holes in mine to store it in an A4 folder that also have some of my nesting dies in (arranged on magnetic A4 sheets - AWESOME!)
The washi is easy to see, I can group by colour/size/style/whatever, and I can see at a glance that I don't need to cut the next 20cm from my Cromwell Washi Tape to get the word I'm after - as it's on this sheet!!

Here's my "After" photo:

Let me know how this tip works for you!
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