Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tip 4: Die-ing with Washi

I thought I was fairly limited in using washi.  
I couldn't punch it - it would stick to the punch unless I taped it to card first, then it negates the fact that it's adhesive tape; and it's not wide enough to use with my dies (and again with the whole being sticky thing!), or is it??

Tip 3: Washi Tape is PERFECT for Border Dies!!!!!
I have a number of border (and small dies) and recently tried putting them through my big shot with some washi - OMG I love this!!!  It's easy as the washi doesn't move when you are winding the plates through, and all the fiddley little bits and bobs are already adhesive backed so no glue-messes for me, and using Tip 2 I can keep these bits as well!!
This make me a happy little vegemite! :-)  I am so excited I just want to spend all day Die-ing my Washi!!

I just had to share my success and urge you to try your dies with your Washi Tapes as well so I took some photos for you to show you how I did it:

1.  I put a strip of matte white slightly longer than my border die on the base plate, then stuck my clock washi directly over the top (It's a bit see through and I wanted solid colour).  You can just tape your washi to you base plate if you like :-)

2.  Lay the die exactly where you want it and put the top plate on the stack for your machine.

3.  Rolled the stack through - be careful, your washi doesn't move but your die might - especially if your top plate is a little, warped (like me)!!

4.  Remove the surrounding and inner pieces from the diecut wash tape - but do not throw them away!! Store them on your Clear Acetate from Tip 2!!

5.  You now have a diecut strip of washi tape!! Use on a project straight away or pre-cut a few to store on some Clear Acetate to use in your projects later!!  No more waste or gluey mess with fine die cuts :-)

I really hope you're as excited as I am - I'd love to see your projects using your Die'd Washi so leave me a comment with a link - please!!!  I'll have an example of how I've used it in a full blogpost soon!!!

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  1. Hi Jen, I have done this heaps, and find that if I stick a bit of extra washi across the top of the die it keeps it in place while you cut, then peels off after without ripping anything

  2. That's true Sarah! Because Washi is low-tac its easily re-positionable!

  3. Thanks for sharing this technique, I always love to hear what others are doing or discovering. Thanks again.


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