Saturday, June 9, 2012

Riley's Autos

This project has been in the planning stages for about 6 months LOL.  A wave shadowbox, in primary colours - and really 'boyish'. hmmmm planned and re-worked, painted, then put aside as I wasn't happy but over this last weekend I have managed to get it done and finished to where I am admittedly pretty proud of the way it turned out!   I found it quite hard as I'm not good at 'boyish' projects where I can't just add some flowers here and there!!

It was a truly group effort with a few suggestions from Matt, toy donations from the boys, and permission to pull their cars apart!  Ian lent me his blot cutters (don't ask!), and Erin also helped with a little colour advice too :-)

This really was so much fun to do - this shot shows the internal piece of a car that I pulled apart for the wheels, and the Tweeny Cogs from Twiddleybitz.  Also some small tools the boys found in their room!

This shows the stack of tyres in the back of the 'shop' and more cogs - a combination of the larger sprockets and the Tweeny cogs this time, and the boys tell me the banner at the top is "AWESOME"!

This was another thing the boys are raving about - the car on the top of the shop - they can't figure out why it's there but they reckon it's also "AWESOME"!

Twiddleybitz - Wave shadow Box (SBW001)
Twiddleybitz - Wave Banner (BAN001)
Twiddleybitz - Sprocket Set (TRA008)
Twiddleybitz - Tweeny Cogs (TWBT011)
Tim Holtz - Distress Crackle: Scrattered Straw
Tim Holtz - Distress Crackle: Fired Brick
Tim Holtz - Distress Crackle: Broken China
Adirondack - Paint Dabbers: Citrus
Adirondack - Paint Dabbers: Silver
Stylish images - Clock
Miscellaneous Ribbon
Assorted Hot Wheels and el-cheapo toy cars and parts (8-10)
Assorted mini tools found in the boys toybox!

Thanks fo stopping by my blog - I hope I have inspired you to create!

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