Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lovers' Garden - Pond, Bridge, & Gazebo

This was a project born of one simple request (can you please make a project with the bridge for the show Jen?) and my imagination ran overtime and the project kept getting bigger and bigger...  I am immensely proud of myself for taking on such a huge task and finishing it - in time!  There are many elements to this project so I will break them up as much as I can into separate blog posts.  Thanks for your patience and I hope you like it!  It was rather large and difficult to display at the Brisbane show recently and I would love to hear any ideas for how to display it at such events if you have any - thanks :-)

So without further ado...

A 6x6 Shadow box for the pond, misted blue inside, pumice stone distress stain on the outside, added some FWAB and fish tank pebbles inside then painted with modpodge and poured all over the pebbles to seal them.  This took almost 36 hours to dry/set.  I did not speed it up with a heat gun as I wanted the smooth shiny texture from drying naturally.

The Large Birdcage was perfect as a Gazebo - Vintage Photo Distress Stain and coffe shop Glimmer Mist and lots of Mod Podge.

The Large MDF Bridge was also given the same treatment as the gazebo. The supportive struts currently under the bridge were removed and extended from under the edge of the bridge to under the gazebo to stabilise it and increase the connection and angle needed to clear the pond - you will perhaps see this in a later photo.

This view shows the bridge and gazebo over the pond.  I have added the roses and other charms or embellishments - all from My2Angels with the exception of the bird - she is a Twiddleybitz Bird.

You can see the pond better here - the upside down Chandelier works fabulously as a fountain and the fish charm looks great 'jumping' out of the water, I love the way the pearls add detail to the 'bottom' of the pond.  There are other fish charms also in the pond but cannot be seen in the photo below.

Twiddleybitz - 6x6 shadow box
Twiddleybitz Mini Chandelier - CH002
Glimmermist Turquoise Blue
Distress Stain Pumice Stone
Distress Crackle Paint - Broken China
Flourish With A Bling - Grace Pearl Flourish in Teal
Fish Tank stones - white
Mod Podge
My2Angels Fish Charms
Twiddleybitz Yellow Bird

Twiddleybitz Large Bird Cage
Distress Stain - Vintage Photo
Glimmer Mist - Coffee Shop
Mod Podge
My2Angels Charming Chain, Bronze Floral Charm Combo, Bird nest & eggs

Twiddleybitz Large Bridge
Distress Stain - Vintage Photo
Glimmer MIst - Coffee Shop
Mod Podge
My2Angels Roses

Thanks for stopping by - don't forget to come back for the next instalment at 7am Sunday 17th of June - it will explain the leaves you see in the background :-)  Third and final instalment will be published 5pm Sunday 17th of June :-)

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  1. Looks great Jenni!!! Can't wait to see how you developed the rest of this gorgeous project xxx


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