Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fi's Collection

I made this printer's Tray for a dear friend of mine back in the new year and only just realised I haven't blogged about it!  This was made for a very dear friend of mine after I had dreamed about her... and like me, she loves purple :-)

On the back I have explained the meaning behind every charm...

Fi’s Collection
Fairy Dust to never stop believing in magic
Roses & blooms to remind you to take time to stop and smell them.
A pot of tea to share because you’re such a good listener
A microphone to encourage you to speak up and sing out loud.
The Eiffel Tower to remind you to take a break now and then -
with a plane to bring you back! 
A key so you don’t forget - “there’s no place like home”.
Lanterns so even in the darkness you have plenty of light
A boat to help you sail the rough seas that may lay ahead.
A butterfly to prove beauty comes from hardship and change
A Camera to record memories of your life & love, your hearts entwined.
A little girl for the one I see in your future
And a charm to tell you you’re going to be an awesome Mum.
Love You Much,   Jen  xxx

Some close-ups...

Is that a crochet butterfly?  I wonder where I got that from?

Twiddleybitz Printer's Tray
My2Angels Charms, flowers, flowerspray
Flourish With A Bling Purple Chloe Pearl Flourish
Crochet By Kim purple butterfly
Assorted items from my stash

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